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FEB 2023, GGD Store has a limited number of Ghost Gunners in-stock and ready to ship. 

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Ghost Gunner 3s is the latest generation of Defense Distributed’s Ghost Gunner desktop CNC machine, fully equipped with the latest upgrades and firmware for maximum rigidity and cutting power.



Add a Universal AR-15 Fixture Complete Starter Kit (Ships Immediately as Well!)


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*** IN-STOCK Ghost Gunner 3s ***


GGD has a limited amount of GG3s on the shelf. That's right, Hot n' Ready.


Ghost Gunner 3s 

Ghost Gunner 3s is a general purpose CNC mill that gives you the ability to finish 80% receivers and frames with ease, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Sold with the cut codes to complete selected 80% lowers and frames such as the AR-15, AR-308, and the M1911, the Ghost Gunner 3 takes it name from its third-generation, custom motion-control board, which allows it to operate as a standard CNC machine.


  • Ghost Gunner 3s
  • DD USB with latest software
  • ER-11 collet nut
  • 5/16″ allen wrench
  • 3mm ball-end allen wrench
  • 12mm wrench
  • 17mm wrench
  • 6′ USB A-B cable
  • 6′ three-prong power cable. Laptop not included.

Supports the following 80% Lowers

  • AR-15
  • AR-10
  • AK-47
  • M1911
  • PF940c


GG3s accepts g-code from most CAM post-processors. To use the GG3s, you only need to provide the desired frame/lower and corresponding jig set (sold separately) and any computer or laptop with a windows or mac OS.  For best results, use 80% lowers/frames from Defense Distributed although we here at GGD specialize in providing jigs and code to work with an ever-expanding selection of frames and lowers.  Ghost Gunner 3 is a complete redesign based on the successes of the GG2. It uses a milled, precision unibody frame for sharply improved squareness and rigidity. Optical limit switches and pre-loaded, self-aligning ballscrews allow it to deliver advanced positional accuracy.  GG3 incorporates a custom motion-control board with a closed loop, digital VFD controller. The machine accepts g-code from most CAM post-processors, and supports tool diameters up to 8 mm (~5/16”).

DDCut Software

The included DDcut software provides users with an intuitive, step-by-step, means of operating their Ghost Gunner CNC: detailed instructions and corresponding images help users throughout the fixturing, cutting, and tool changing process.  DDcut files feature an electronic probing process that automatically zeros to your work-piece, a low voltage current through the tool and work piece allow the Ghost Gunner to accurately locate the placement of both.


Komar Enterprises Ghost Writer software makes engraving easy on your Ghost Gunner, upload your project online and receive your downloadable DDcut engraving file spec'd out to your requirements.  For more detail, visit our complete how-to-guide on engraving here.   The online software allows you to upload image or input text with adjustments for placement and platform type, once satisfied, your file will be packaged as a DDCut type file with all the usual instruction set and helpful images.

For maximum reach and compatibility, the all-aluminum Universal AR-15 Fixture is compatible with a wide range of lower receivers with work-holding located on the front takedown datum and rear buffer tube - aimed at the prosumer or commercial applications, complete milling and engraving jobs all in one fixture!  Also available is our dedicated AR15 engraving jig set for the Ghost Gunner 3s, complete engraving jobs separate from your cutting operations with these dedicated polymer engraving jigs.




GGD Jigs + Support

After purchasing a GG2 (that’s right we started out as the typical Ghost Gunner customer) we were eager to get started, but quickly realized that the lowers we had on hand needed an extra portion machined out of it that the stock codes didn’t do.  After finding a random code and nearly crashing the machine due to the lack of clear instructions combined with results that left us unsatisfied we decided to take fate into our own hands by learning how to generate our own codes (we started out as self-taught CNC programmers, but have since brought professional CNC programmers onboard) and we haven’t stopped since.



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Add a Universal AR-15 Fixture Complete Starter Kit (Ships Immediately as Well!)

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Ghost Gunner Model