About Us

How it Began

 After purchasing a GG2 (that’s right we started out as the typical Ghost Gunner customer) we were eager to get started, but quickly realized that the lowers we had on hand needed an extra portion machined out of it that the stock codes didn’t do. After finding a random code and nearly crashing the machine due to the lack of clear instructions combined with results that left us unsatisfied we decided to take fate into our own hands by learning how to generate our own codes (we started out as self-taught CNC programmers, but have since brought professional CNC programmers onboard) and we haven’t stopped since. 

The GG3 is a desktop CNC machine that isn’t just a one trick pony and we aim to prove that point by continually expanding the projects that can be accomplished with it.

The hope is that not only can we offer you a range of physical products and code that expand the uses of your Ghost Gunner, but to also teach you how to create your own codes as well. If that’s something that sounds exciting or appealing to you please check out the “Education” area of our site.