If you feel like helping to support the projects we’re working on yet don’t have any particular need for products at the moment we absolutely welcome and appreciate the kind and extremely useful gesture! You may not realize, but GGD is run by only 2 people who both have full-time jobs and the aftermarket GhostGunner market is an extremely niche one. Nevertheless we believe in the platform and the utility and hobby it offers to those that aren’t neccesarily native machinists. 

Your donation will be specifically used to help fund new projects that we believe the community would benefit from. It also helps justify the countless hours we spend answering questions in the Facebook groups and those that reach out to us directly. We have also started making an educational series on making your own code for the Ghost Gunner which, if anything undercuts ourselves, but we aren’t in it for the money (So far everything we take in gets spent on building up more inventory and equipment as well as operating costs)

Feel free to head over to our “Projects” page to see what we’re up to as well as checking out the current platforms and past projects we’ve already copleted.

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