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Make a one-time *donation to Ghostwriter to help support their efforts to develop new content for the Ghostgunner.

We work closely with Ghostwriter in order to get new platforms implemented as well as new features, but unfortunately Ghostwriter is much more of a free service than it is a business which can make it hard to have the developer justify the time and cost associated with developing and testing new implementations.

My hope is that if we can get together enough donations we can help justify the addition of new features.

Your donations are very much appreciated and are some of the only reason that Ghostwriter is able to do the things they do for the community. Thanks so much in advance!

If you make a donation please include a note with your order telling Ghostwriter what you'd like to see them do next!

*Please note that this donation is simply that and does not confer extra files or engravings or any other perk in exchange for the donation

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