P80 Engraving Jig Set


This jig set was custom designed to allow you to engrave the serial plate on your P80 builds.

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At long last engraving the serial plate on the various P80 frames is possible! Californians rejoice! (or just move out of the state).


We've teamed up with Ghostwriter yet again to make doing custom engravings (Both images and text) at home on your Ghost Gunner as easy as possible. Engraving will be done on your own Ghost Gunner using Ghostwriter to generate files just like with AR-15 and no need for a specific version of the P80 frame. It supports PF940C, PF45, PF940SC, PF940V2, and PF940CL.

This one was tricky to dial in, but Ghostwriter handles P80 engraving like a champ now that we have the feeds and speeds worked out which was tricky since the serial plate is actually stainless steel! That's right boys and girls we're successfully engraving on steel!

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Weight .74 lbs
Dimensions 9.75 × 5.5 × 2.25 in