Premium 1/4″ End Mill (GGD CODES ONLY)


(USE EXCLUSIVELY WITH GGD CODES!) This is a custom end mill made specifically for us by a tool grinding company right here in the US of A and features a reduced length of cut for increased rigidity, a relieved shank to avoid rubbing, and a TiCN coating to greatly increase abrasion and heat resistance of the cutting surface. Heat and time is what kills tools and milling with the Ghost Gunner definitely involves both of those so a coated end mill allows your cuts to be cleaner and your end mill to last longer. Some users have reported over 35 lowers with success on a single end mill whereas the standard end mill from DD typically lasts between 8 and 10 lowers. Due to the reduced Length of cut this end mill will not work for GG1 or GG2 codes produced by Defense Distributed. Use our codes to avoid any potential issues.

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