If this is the first you’re hearing of RMR cuts on the Ghostgunner the first thing you might want to check out the video of James from TFB covering our development version of the jig and code during an interview with a member of the Ghostgunner crew at their both last SHOT Show. Scrub to the 1 minute mark to see our RMR cut being introduced.

We haven’t worked much on the design until recently due to our move down from Washington to Nevada, this new website development, GG3 testing and code development, and life in general, but we’re finally coming back around to this project.

The most recent work has been in trying to bring the cost of the production of the jig down to more reasonable levels. Our prototype jig was somewhat complex and wouldn’t be a feasible option for true production especially since it looks like we aren’t going to be able to have a big boy CNC machine in-house for at least some time longer. Once we can get the capital we need to get that piece of equipment we’ll be able to get the costs down even more.

another focus is on making sure that we can get the most useability out of the jig by trying to design it such that it can accomodate multiple different slide variants as well as allowing not only the top of the slide to be milled, but also the sides as well. We’d like this to be less of a specifically Glock RMR cutting jig and more of an all-purpose workholding solution for slides allowing the potential for profiling, lightening cuts and engraving.

Here’s a look at the old jig and the current model for the new design: