Cerro Forged AR-15 Jig Set (GG1&GG2)


Complete jig set custom designed for Cerro Forged AR-15 80% lower receivers. Should fit most mil-spec lowers to varying degrees. Includes left, right, magazine, and front bushing jig pieces. Does not include hardware (bolts, nuts, etc.).  Cerro forged lowers are sold by many different retailers and can be identified by the signature “keyhole” marking on the lower. The stock .dd file also does not work for any Cerro Forged AR-15’s without the rear takedown pocket already milled. Some retailers sell premilled and others do not. GGD has developed a .dd file for mil-spec lowers that includes the ability to machine this rear takedown pocket. This code can be acquired by ordering a flashdrive with the latest codes and jig files from us here at GGD.

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