Probing/Engraving Sub-Plate (Universal AR-15 Fixture Add-On)


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For those that didn't order their Engraving Sub-Plate as an add-on when ordering their Universal AR-15 Fixtures. This item should only be ordered if you have already placed an order for your Universal AR-15 Fixture. Be sure to select the same configuration as the fixture you ordered as they are not interchangeable. This item will ship when the main fixture itself ships.

The optional sub-plate is used to make it unnecessary to use special tape to engrave using the all-metal universal AR-15 fixture. Due to the fixtures all-metal construction it is inherently not electrically isolated between it, the lower receiver, and the T-slot plate, which, due to how the Ghost Gunner detects probing, is required when probing the surface of the lower receiver itself. This sub-plate is made of an electrically non-conductive material which, while not suited for milling, works perfectly for engraving. This sub-plate also allows for rapid turnaround for switching from engraving one lower to engraving the next due to not needing to reprobe anything other than the surface of the lower itself.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 3 in


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