Optional Priority Payment-Universal AR-15 Fixture


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The higher the expedite level the further ahead in line you will be. Level 3's will ship, then level 2's, then level 1's, followed by all orders that chose not to pay the expedite fee. Within each level orders will ship based on when the original order was placed, oldest to newest.

Due to much higher production costs and delays we're offering folks the opportunity to expedite their orders to help fund bringing production up to full bore by hiring employees to run 24/7 until these are done. We're all set up and ready to go and if we get the funds we can get every order banged out in a month and a half. Otherwise I'll have to personally run them in my off time which would take longer.

Please indicate what order you want this applied to.

I do apologize for the delays and inconvenience. You should have received an email detailing what happened so if you're seeing this and haven't gotten the email reach out to us at support@GGD-Store.com


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